Tips To Enjoying Holiday Air Travel

Are you jetting away for your Thanksgiving or any of the upcoming holidays?

If so you won't be alone, so brace yourself for crowded airports and long lines. This holiday season may be record-setting thanks to lower fuel prices. If you're a frequent flier you know to allow plenty of time to get through security and to your gate.

However, if you usually hit the airports only during the holidays, you may need a refresher on the current rules for check-in and for both carry-on and checked luggage restrictions. You can find complete TSA information online for prohibited items, liquids and check-in and security procedures

Hints To Make Holiday Air Travel Hassle-Free

Of course, some travel problems are completely unpredictable - think snow and ice storms or technology problems like the computer failures that plagued some major air carriers this year.

But advance planning and insider tips can help minimize air travel stress. Here are just a few recommendations from The Francis Law Group:

  • Apply for TSA PreCheck for a smoother security screen. Successful applicants who pass a background check and submit fingerprints enjoy perks like not removing shoes and shorter lines at security checkpoints. It's only $85 for 5-year approval, but apply soon for this year's holiday travel to allow for processing time.
  • Load your airline's app onto your smartphone to track your flight. Most airports also broadcast local conditions via Twitter.
  • Some travel days are much lighter including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. You may even save some money with lower fares.
  • Go online to check-in to your flight. Arriving at the airport with your boarding pass can save lots of time. You can usually choose your seat in advance too.
  • Don't wrap gifts in advance if you plan to carry them on the flight. TSA agents may want to inspect them and will ruin your wrapping job in addition to delaying you at security. Many savvy travelers ship gifts to their destinations to save luggage space.
  • Be wary of low-fare carriers as they have fewer options if your flight is cancelled.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for layovers. Even if you feel you can sprint to the gate, your luggage may be left behind. It may be worth the extra money to go non-stop.

Here's a handy way to remember the basics of hassle-free holiday air travel: Prepare well in advance and arrive at the airport promptly. Be patient and keep a smile on your face - holidays are for enjoying!

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