Too Many Children Injured in Baby Strollers and Infant Carriers

Did you know that on average, more than 17,000 children under 5 are treated in emergency rooms every year after being injured in a stroller or infant carrier?

This was the finding by researchers at the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio in their study of these injuries for 21 years ending in 2010. The total number of injuries from these products - 360,937 - averages out to 2 injuries every hour! 

Most of these injuries are caused by falls because the child hasn't been properly fastened into the stroller or carrier, but infant and child equipment can also be defective because of negligence by the manufacturer.

The study concluded that concussions, brain injuries and soft tissue damage are the most commonly occurring injuries. The typical injured child was less than one year old, and boys are injured more often than girls.

Although the number of injuries is very high, the real occurrence of injuries from strollers and carriers is probably much higher because some children are treated by their family doctors, or even receive no treatment for their injuries.

There is some good news in the report - the rate of injuries from strollers and carriers has decreased significantly over the 21-year period. But the injury rate from these preventable accidents is still much too high.

Follow These Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries From Strollers and Infant Carriers

  • Explore the various types of strollers before selecting the right one. Think about stroller type - jogging, umbrella - as well as what your location is like and any accessories.
  • Strollers should have a wide, stable base and sturdy brakes. Set the brake whenever you stop even on flat surfaces.
  • Newborn children need a stroller that reclines to support the neck.
  • Be sure to return the warranty card so you will be notified of any safety or recall information.
  • Never leave your child unattended in a stroller or carrier!
  • Don't hook bags on stroller handles to cause an imbalance.
  • Always buckle baby in using the seat belt and harness.
  • Unfold the stroller fully before putting your child in it.
  • Take note of infant carrier instructions on baby placement as well as weight limits.
  • Inspect carriers and strollers often to check for secure fastenings.
  • Be sure to support your baby's weight carefully while in a carrier when you have to reach or bend down.
  • Don't hold your baby in the carrier when bicycling or sitting in a car.


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