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Workers injured in the workplace can recover benefits or damages depending on the circumstances. Nearly all workers in Orlando qualify for workers’ compensation benefits following an injury, but some also may be able to file a third-party liability suit for damages in civil court. If you’re suffering from a workplace injury or illness in Orlando, take action by calling a work injury attorney at the Francis Law Group.

work injuries FAQs

Types of Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury can be extremely serious. Below are some types of injuries a worker is at risk of sustaining:

  • Head and traumatic brain injuries,
  • Back and spine problems,
  • Broken bones,
  • Lacerations,
  • Amputations,
  • Electrical shock,
  • Chemical exposure injuries,
  • Repetitive motion injuries, and
  • Internal injuries.

While the injuries listed above are not all of the injuries that a worker can sustain on the job, they are some of the more serious types of injuries. These and other injuries may require extensive medical treatment and could cause permanent impairment or death.

Causes of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries often occur because of a lack of proper workplace safety procedures or policies. For example, unsafe scaffolding can cause a slip and fall injury. Or an electrical shock may occur because of poor practices when handling of electrical wires. When unsafe conditions are present, a worker is at risk of an injury.

Below are some examples of causes of workplace injuries:

In most cases, workers’ compensation will provide benefits to workers injured on the job. Workers’ compensation benefits include death benefits, medical benefits and lost wages. You must establish your injury or illness is work-related.

In order to qualify for workers’ compensation, you first must report your workplace injury or illness to you employer within 30 days of the date that the accident occurred or 30 days from the time a physician pronounces you to be suffering from a work-related illness. Your employer should then report the incident to the workers’ compensation insurance provider.

You May Be Able to File a Third-Party Claim

In some cases, you may be able to file a claim outside of workers’ compensation. While you cannot typically file a lawsuit against your employer, you can file a lawsuit against a third-party responsible for your injuries.

For example, a worker injured by a piece of poorly repaired machinery or a worker injured in a car accident may be able to sue the repair company or the other at-fault driver, respectively. During a third-party liability suit, an injured party can reclaim damages for all harm sustained, whereas workers' compensation may not fully cover all costs and losses. In Florida, injured workers must file a third-party liability suit for damages within four years of the date of injury or illness.

Contact an Orlando Workers' Compensation Attorney

Filing your claim for workers’ compensation or a third-party liability claim without the help of an attorney can be risky. Get help from an attorney to collect evidence that proves your injury or illness is work-related and for help navigating either workers' compensation or third-party liability law.

At the Francis Law Group, our team of legal professionals can explain to you all of your options for recovery and gladly will work with you to help you get the benefits and damages you deserve. Reach us by calling out office at 888-327-2745 or fill out the form on our contact page to set up your consultation.