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Recover Compensation for a Single Vehicle Accident in Orlando

Single vehicle automobile accidents occur when only one car or other type of motor vehicle is involved in the accident. Some examples of single vehicle collisions include the following scenarios.

  • A vehicle runs off the road and collides with a stationary object, such as a tree, guard rail, or mailbox.
  • A vehicle loses control and spins off the road into a ditch.
  • A vehicle loses control and flips over onto the roof or side.
  • A deer or other animal runs into the road in front of the vehicle, causing the vehicle to collide with it.

Determining Fault in a Single Vehicle Collision

In many cases, the driver in a single vehicle collision is at fault for the accident because there is no other driver involved. In such cases – and after any accident – the driver may rely on his personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. All Florida drivers must carry it; it pays for injury-related expenses regardless of fault.

But if you wish to recover other damages beyond those covered by PIP, you’ll have to establish fault. When there are also no witnesses at the scene, it may be challenging for a driver to prove that there were other circumstances that contributed to the cause of the accident. However, there are some potential scenarios that may result in a single vehicle collision that was not the fault of the driver. Consider the following possibilities.

  • A vehicle in front of the driver makes an erratic turn or sudden stop that causes the driver to react suddenly and swerve off the road into a tree. However, the other driver failed to notice the car behind him and never stopped. This appears to be a single car accident, but was not necessarily the fault of the driver involved in the crash.
  • A driver hits a large pothole left untreated by the government agency responsible for caring for local roads. Due to the violent impact of the tire hitting the hole, the tire bursts, causing the driver to lose control and roll over. In this case, the government agency may be liable for damages. Claims involving the government can be especially complicated, so review the details with an attorney.
  • A newly installed brake system on a well-maintained vehicle fails, suddenly leaving the driver without a safe means of stopping. As a result, the driver runs off the road into a ditch rather than colliding with another car. In this scenario, there may be a product liability case for faulty equipment or the accident could be the result of poor workmanship on the part of the company that installed the brakes.

Proving Fault in a Single Car Accident

While it may be challenging to prove that you were not at fault in your single vehicle accident, it is not impossible. Acting quickly and proactively immediately following your crash can help you document and support your claim that you were not responsible (wholly or in part) for the crash. If you were in a single vehicle crash and are looking to gather evidence to support your case, consider the following tips.

  • If poor road conditions were involved, get photos of the roadway. It is best to have photos immediately following the crash that include the position and location of your vehicle, but if this is impossible, photos of the poor road conditions may be helpful.
  • If there was another car that you believe caused you to crash—even if that vehicle was physically uninvolved in the accident—you may need to report the accident as a hit and run to the police. Be sure to provide as much information about the make, model and condition of the other vehicle as possible. If there were any witnesses, try to obtain statements from them to support your claim.
  • For mechanical failures, the professional opinion of a mechanic or other qualified expert in the industry will be helpful in proving that your crash occurred as a result of substandard or faulty equipment or poor workmanship.

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