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Anyone who has sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident can attest to the fact that the situation can be painful, emotionally straining and financially burdensome without the help of an Orlando slip and fall lawyer. Lost time at work, medical bills and other monetary concerns can become stressful and worrisome. Pain and suffering associated with physical ailments can render you partially or totally helpless to manage daily chores, family responsibilities and other obligations. In summary, a slip and fall accident has the potential to take a sizeable toll on overall well-being.

Slip & Fall Injuries FAQs

Some slip and fall accidents warrant only a short recovery period, and you may not even need to seek medical attention. This is the best-case type of fall. However, some slip and fall accidents can result in serious injury, financial losses and long-term, far-reaching effects on your life and that of your family.

Slip and fall accidents are responsible for thousands of injuries and visits to hospital emergency rooms each year. The causes of such falls are sometimes attributed to typical accidents that occur as the result of the victim’s own inattentiveness or misfortune. In other scenarios, the fall may be caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. When the fall occurs on someone else’s property and is related to the property owner’s failure to act responsibly, compensation may be due to the injured party.

If you’ve fallen on someone else’s property and believe your injuries are due to property owner liability, you may need to initiate a premises liability claim to seek compensation for your damages. Contact an attorney who specializes in premises liability cases for guidance and management of your case.

Critical Elements of a Premises Liability Case

  • Even if you know undoubtedly that the property owner is at fault for your fall and injuries, you may find it challenging to prove this to an insurance company or in court. Consider the following elements of a successful premises liability case and evaluate whether your circumstances meet these criteria. Your slip and fall lawyer will help gather appropriate documentation, witness statements and evidence that will help you build a viable case.
  • Can you prove that the chain of events that led to your fall and resulting injuries is directly linked to some type of property owner liability such as negligence, inattentiveness or wrongdoing? For example, did the property owner fail to mark a broken sidewalk or hole in the ground to warn visitors of the hazard? Was there a damaged step that caused your fall or a poorly placed item in an area of high foot traffic? Be sure that your fall can be attributed to a specific unsafe situation on the property.
  • Can you demonstrate that another reasonable person would have acted more quickly and diligently to remedy the safety concern prior to someone being hurt? It is important to consider what actions another person in the same situation as the property owner would have taken to keep visitors safe. Be ready to defend your position.
  • Was there time for the property owner to learn about the hazard and take steps to protect visitors prior to your fall? For example, if someone spills a soda in a fast-food restaurant and you fall in it only seconds later, it may be difficult to convince an insurer or judge that the property owner could have prevented the accident.

The Francis Law Group Can Help!

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in the Orlando area, call The Francis Law Group for help. The Francis Law Group specializes in helping victims of falls regain financial and personal stability in their lives by managing premises liability cases and seeking fair restitution for damages. Call us today at 888-327-2745 to set up a consultation to discuss your case with a slip and fall attorney.