Q: What is a squeeze play truck accident and how do I prevent it?A

A squeeze play truck accident is a type of crash in which a truck makes a turn, and a passenger car is “squeezed” between the truck and the curb. Passenger car occupants can sustain severe and fatal injuries in a squeeze play accident. Exercising safety on the road and keeping your distance from large trucks can go a long way in preventing them. Truck accident statistics show that nearly 75 percent of people harmed in truck accidents are occupants of vehicles other than the truck.

How a Squeeze Play Accident Occurs

Squeeze play usually occurs when a truck is making a right turn. The driver has to swing out fairly wide when making the turn to accommodate the size of his trailer, sometimes taking up more than his fair share of the road.

Truck drivers have very limited visibility on the passenger side of their truck; the entire right side virtually a blind spot or no zone. If a passenger car is riding in the "no zone" along the right side of the truck and isn’t aware that the truck is getting ready to turn right, the passenger car can become wedged or “squeezed” between the truck and the curb when the truck makes its turn.

When this occurs, generally one of the following will happen.

  • The car will get crushed
  • The car will run off the road
  • The car will roll over
  • The car will crash into the side of the truck
  • The car will slide under the semi
  • Preventing Squeeze Play Accidents

There are a couple of things drivers can do to minimize their risk of being involved in a squeeze play. Firstly, keep your distance from trucks and try not to travel in their blind spots. If you must pass a truck, do so on its left side, not the right. Truck drivers have more visibility on their left.

Also, keep a watchful eye out for the truck’s blinkers. If a truck is going to turn or change lanes, wait until the driver has completed the maneuver before you attempt to pass.

Determining Fault for a Squeeze Play Accident

If you or your loved one were recently seriously injured in a squeeze play accident, you might have the option to file a claim against the truck carrier instead of with your insurer. If you do, you’ll need to establish that the trucker was at fault. However, it can be difficult to determine fault with squeeze play; sometimes it is the trucker’s fault, sometimes the driver’s, and sometimes it’s partially both parties’ fault. Our truck accident blog might be able to answer some of your questions about establishing fault.

You are also welcome to call our car accident attorney at Francis Law Group in Florida for more information. We can assist in determining who was at fault and help you file a claim to recover your damages. Call us today at 407-363-9939 for a free consultation.